Blind Channel have won UMK 2021

In a complete u-turn for Finland who have a habit of showing us under produced half-arsed finals, YLE blew me, and lots of other people, out of the water with a slick and fresh UMK Final.  All of the songs were of a good enough quality for them to stand out amongst the crowded field when it comes to the Eurovision proper so Kudos to YLE for the cross Genre shenanigans.

Back to the contest though. The 7 member jury had a 25% say, and the Televoters through the phone and the App had a 75% stake in the result which is presented in full below.

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Total Psn
I love you Teflon Brothers x Pandora 30 150 180 2
Hurt Aksel 56 52 108 5
Play Laura 4 9 13 7
Sinä päivänä kun kaikki rakastaa mua Danny 22 38 60 6
Lie Oskr 62 53 115 4
Dark side Blind Channel 72 479 551 1
Kelle mä soitan Ilta 48 101 149 3


Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, that televote score does indeed say FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE POINTS for a televote.  That equates to 54.3% of the televote so definitely a well deserved win – the live performance is below.


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