Finland gets ready to UMK its way to Eurovision 2017

UMK Logo - Finland at Eurovision

When it comes to Eurovision, some countries shine year in, year out – think Sweden and Russia. Others tend to cling to the middle of the table. For reasons that I’ve never quite understood, the fans love Finland. And let’s not forget, they won with Lordi back in 2006.

Finnish broadcaster YLE has announced the ten shortlisted songs for its 2017 national final – the oddly-named UMK. It’s a first taste of the new year, so sit back, click away and see if you think you’ve already heard the next winning Eurovision Song Contest entry.

It’s the usual mix of traditional and  bizarre. There’s a curvy walloper in a leather frock, some odd-ball misfits in slogan t-shirts, some pretty boys, a few blondes and (of course) the comedy act that nobody finds funny.

You might need a stiff drink.

The final of UMK 2017 takes place on January 28.

Zühlke — Perfect Villain

Emma — Circle of Light

Günter & D’Sanz — Love Yourself

My First Band — Paradise

Alva — Arrows

Norma John — Blackbird

Lauri Yrjölä — Helppo elämä

Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies — Caveman

Anni Saikku — Reach Out For The Sun

Club La Persé — My Little World

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7 years ago

I can’t believe how thrilled Norma John look to be involved with UMK – come on love, why don’t you try cracking a smile!
And despite these being the first songs of the 2017 season I’ve listened to I think I may have heard the lyrical highlight of the year (although potentially insulting about the size of my manhood). Is it possible to top ‘touch yourself and feel a little pleasure’.