1 July – Play, play, musicians, delight me, magicians

It’s good to have a really good look back in time to those earlier contests. The days of simplicity, when a singer had to actually sing, with fancy-schmancy backdrops and pre-recorded backing vocals.

In 1976, we saw our friends in France finish as runners-up. It’s something they can do quite well – they’ve done it five times. Today’s birthday girl Catherine Ferry sang a fairly simple song that became a bit of an earworm, scoring off every country. She even got five maxima, only beaten by the country that topped that rankings on that Saturday night in The Hague. Some of us would wish a return to those days when the contest was all done and dusted in one evening in about three hours. I wonder if Catherine is among them.

Catherine is 70 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Catherine!