17 December – A rockin’ romance

It’s often a thing that singers sometimes sing for another country to where you think they should sing for. There are often valid reasons, and it’s of course down to a national broadcaster who they give the gig to.

Today’s birthday girl Στεφανία Λυμπερακάκη/Stefania Liberakakis did her stuff – as you would think – for Greece. It was the logical choice. But what you may not know is that she also did her stuff as part of a group for the Netherlands. You don’t remember? Well, Stefania was part of the group Kisses who went to the Junior Eurovision (JESC) in Valletta in 2016. It’s obviously a good grounding, and she’s not the only singer to cut their teeth at JESC. Anyway, after a false start in 2020 she got to go to Rotterdam with her famously disembodied [last] dancers and greenscreen shenanigans. It was highly entertaining. So entertaining in fact, she finished tenth.

Stefania is 20 today.

Χρόνια πολλά/Gefeliciteerd, Στεφανία/Stefania!

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