13 May – What do you say when words are not enough?

Legend is a term bandied around all too easily in this day and age. Someone can get a maximum from [insert country here] because they used a line in that country’s language, and they get branded a legend.

In 1987, history happened, in that one performer sang a second winning Eurovision song. That was, of course, today’s birthday boy Johnny Logan (né Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard). In 1980, he’d sang Shay Healy’s song, but in 1987 it was all his own work, so a well-deserved win was all his. His mantra was that it was a song contest, so just sing, and let your song stand on its own merits without arm-waving, or mirrored costumes. Johnny had won the biggest contest ever – to date – with the second-highest ever score – to date. He did, of course, write another winner five years later, but we’ve picked the 1987 vintage because this was when Johnny became Ireland’s undisputed Mr Eurovision.

Johnny is 70 today.

Lá breithe sona duit/Happy birthday, Johnny!

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