7 May – I’m gonna lose my mind

It’s always good to get a second chance. It gives you the opportunity to right a wrong. Or actually do something you were lined up to do, but never got there. Like those performers who should have been in Rotterdam in 2020, but finally made it in 2021.

Today’s birthday girl עדן אלנה/ኤደን አለነ/Eden Alene was one of a number in that exclusive ‘Rotterdam club’. We’ll leave it to you to decide which of her songs was better. Only one was ever scored, and she had mixed fortunes with it. She finished fifth in her semi-final but a mere 17th in the Grand Final. And her song was appreciated almost equally by the juries and televoters in the semi-final, but largely ignored by the televoters in the Saturday night show. Go figure! But we do know that our Eden arguably sang the highest note ever heard on a Eurovision stage. People of a nervous disposition must have been beside themselves when she sang it.

Eden is 22 today.

መልካም ልደት ኤደን!יום הולדת שמח, עדן