31 July – I’m down on my knees

That thing where you enjoy something so much, you want to do it again. We’ve all been there. But how many times has the second time not quite matched up to the first?

This has happened often to those winners of our favourite TV show that come back for another go. Only one has done the double, but we won’t go into that. And, of course, those that don’t win will try again. This happened to today’s birthday girl Ira Losco MQR. She almost won the contest for the Mediterranean’s happiest rock in 2002. Almost as in 12 points short. She went away, thought about what she’d done, and tried again in 2016. Yes, that did involve a lot of thinking. In 2016, whilst with child, came third in her semi-final. Not quite second, but meant game on in the Grand Final. Come the final, she was drawn straight after the eventual winner. All this aside, if you were in Stockholm, you would know that if she were a mosquito, she’d justify her lifestyle by enjoying a drink. Maybe you had to be there. Here’s her runners-up performance.

Ira is 41 today.

Għeluq sninek it-tajjeb/Happy birthday, Ira!