Malta Song for Europe – Full results


I’m not in Malta. I’ve never been. I knew someone who went and they came back with a nasty cold, so there’s a lesson there for everyone.

Our leader was in Malta, and as you know, he’s filled you in on what went on, but for completeness, here’s the scores on the doors when the evening ended.

SongPerformerSuperfinal Result
Where I AmAnja64%
OneIda Una26%
A.S.A.P.Johanna Beijbom10%
VesterbroThomas RingEliminated
Color My WorldRikke SkytteEliminated
Big Little LiesCalling MercuryEliminated
Smoke In My EyesAnthonyEliminated
WarriorsRené MachonEliminated
Northern LightsSada VidooEliminated
HurricaneJeanette BondeEliminated



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