1 August – I’ll never forgive you, not for anything

Our friends in Moldova have not yet won, but we all know they really put in the hard yards/metres every year, and that win might not be that far away. They have had a third-place finish, and two weeks in the country would put a fun take on our favourite TV show.

In 2010, TRM sent the Sunstroke Project along with today’s birthday girl Olia Tira (née Olga Țîra/Ольга Цыра/Olga Tsyra). Without her, they achieved that third place, but it was maybe not a bad thing. Olia and her pals were definitely party animals in Oslo (despite the un-Moldovan prices) so proved popular. They made the final after performing first in the first semi-final. Things didn’t go quite so well in the final, and maybe a certain saxophonist was the biggest thing about the Moldovan song. But Moldova appear to be hear to stay.

Olia is 33 today.

La mulți ani, Olia!