Sunstroke? – I don’t think they are lapping up the rays…

Sunstroke Project

You might remember that I have said in a previous place that Moldova is only a one trick pony (Epic Sax you say?) and he has arrived on the stage…

There is much more in this song though.  The background which is just black and white stripes seems to give a depth to the screen that makes up for the lack of lyrics and the repetitive nature of the tune. Epic Sax does what he does and there is a six second clip that will be on YouTube forever and ever and ever. The female backing singers will wear dresses that will make them the brides and the bridesmaids (in keeping with the preview video). They even come together and do some ensemble dance moves at the front of the stage to round everything off.

Sunstroke Project have hit all the right notes – something the previous two singers have not done – and this should make it rocket up the board.

‘Hey Mama’ song is fun. Sunstroke Project clearly know what they are and who they are aiming for and, make no bones about it, are clearly taking “not being taken seriously” seriously.

It hits the eyes and ears of the viewer and makes them smile. It’s a qualifying (if not winning) combination.