19 July – Who’d wanna be a king pulling too many strings

What do you think of people representing countries other than their birth? It can be more controversial when their birth country and their chosen country both participate. Or is it worse of a country picks any old false-flagger?

Today’s birthday boy Krystian Ochman is American by birth, but Polish ethnicity. That probably makes him OK, as the big old US of A doesn’t take part in our favourite TV show (yet). Anyway, young Ochman has won competitions in Poland and he lives there now. So maybe his Polish is ‘dobre’. He easily won the national final, and once in Torino/Turin had an easy time in his semi-final. People were even tipping him for the top. In the event, he managed a nice, safe 12th spot, getting two-thirds of his points from televoters. Maybe there’s merit in picking false-flaggers after all.

Ochman is 55 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Ochmanie!