9 June – My body is the ship on the tide of your voice

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If you ever get the gig to represent your country, you have to be prepared for failure as well as success. Only one country can win, so the chances are you won’t. So it’s a case of how well, relatively, will you do.

Back in 1997 we were in Ireland for the fourth time in five years. We had a big field, and a thing called televoting was being tried for the first time. The UK of stuff won, but at the other end of the table was not one, but two countries. Portugal’s song was performed by today’s birthday girl Célia Maria Fernandes Lawson. Yes, she had a more Anglophone name but sang in the beautiful language of Portuguese. Maybe it was the backing singers that put the jurors and televoters off. But at least Célia wasn’t alone. A Nordic type also scored the same as her.

Célia is 50 today.

Feliz aniversário, Célia!

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