5 August – I know that I’m worth a thousand women

Many of the performers at our favourite TV show are out-and-out singers or musicians. They might do other stuff, but usually as a hobby. But there are those where the singing is the hobby, and they have a ‘proper’ job.

Today’s birthday girl Nina (née Даница Радојичић/Danica Radojičić) did her stuff for Serbia in 2011. Yes, 10 whole years ago! At the time, she was studying to be a pharmacist. It was unsure which was the hobby, but medicine would always be a useful career to fall back on. Ten years on, and Nina now sees herself more as a pharmacist. She need not worry, and I’m sure music could still play a part in her life. When she sang in Düsseldorf, she made it through her semi-final, only to be drawn 24th of 25 in the Grand Final. Never mind, she made a mark with her 1960s take on the gift of song.

Nina is 32 today.

Срећан рођендан, Нина!