9 September – Your breasts are a deadly weapon

It’s all about the look. And the song. And, erm, the draw order. Any or all of these could be true when working out that perfect thing for Eurovision success.

Today’s birthday boy Милан Станковић arguably concentrated on the look, even though the song too was memorably catchy. I won’t describe it, as the three-minute stage performance should tell you all you need to know about Milan’s style. Safe to say his song easily made it through that first semi-final in sunny Oslo, beating a number of highly-fancied songs on the way. Onto the final, and Milan finished in that very odd position – 13th. That no man’s land between the top 12 and bottom 12. Nevertheless, Milan’s little turn will probably be remembered more than many other acts who beat him. It’s obviously the look.

Milan is 35 today.

Срећан рођендан, Милане!