3 January – You are the art that sweetens the skin

As you’ll know, we pick performers from all years when we celebrate birthdays here. You’ll relish the black & white of some, but equally you’ll enjoy the “4K HD-ness” of the more recent contests.

As it happens, today we go all the way back – to 2018. That year the contest was on the fringes of Europe proper. The country that made the shortest journey was Spain, who sent the dashing duo of Alfred García Castillo and today’s birthday girl Amaia Romero Arbizu. The main question on everyone’s lips was ‘were they or weren’t they?’. We will probably never know. But what we do know is that, as a Big Five, Alf and Amaia went straight through the final, and they weren’t the last of that five after all the scores came in. Let’s just hope people don’t find this too saccharine.

Amaia is 24 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Amaia!