7 March – Let the pain and sadness disappear

For those of you who remember the older contests, but the more recent ones seem to meld into one, I’ve picked a song from 2017 today. It was in the beautiful Ukrainian capital of Київ/Kyiv. Luckily I’ve got 42 to choose from, but as I don’t pick bands for birthdays, that narrows things down to 34.

Today’s birthday boy Manel Navarro Quesada should be thanked by more than one country. If it wasn’t for this young man, Germany would have finished dead last for the third time in a row. He also showed how good his neighbour Salvador was, by finishing as far away from him as it was possible to be in the final. He got just five televoting points. And makers of Hawaiian shirts everywhere need to thank Manel too.

Manel is 26 today.

Feliz cumpleaños/Feliç aniversari, Manel!