20 March – If you could see how far you’ve walked

What do you think of the Big Five? Should they get an automatic place in the final, or should they have to go through the semi-finals like the rest of us?

It’s true that the Big Five do have huge audiences, so boost those all important viewing figures. And we’re told they contribute the most to our favourite TV show. But they say that the semi-finals improve the quality. No matter, the UK of stuff is one of the countries in the Big Five, and we know they try. Today’s birthday girl Lucie Jones did her stuff in Kyiv, and had a good run, finishing 15th – her country’s best result for a few years. She almost made the left-hand of the scoreboard. But who knows how a home contest will work for them? Roll on May.

Lucie is 32 today.

Happy birthday, Lucie!