31 December – So long au revoir (2021)

Another year ends, and we have a birthday to delight you. As you’ll know, the contest started deep in the 20th Century, so we’re going back to those early days.

The United Kingdom of stuff had a proud reputation in our favourite TV show, until some new countries had the gall to start taking part. In 1961 they already had two runner-up spots under their belts – in three attempts. Today’s birthday boy John Allison (né Brian Henry John Alford) was one half of the UK’s next runner-up performance. In a nod to the US’s Everly Brothers, John teamed up with the late Bob Allison (né Bernard Colin Day). They finished a way behind the winner, but got very high scores from Luxembourg (remember them?) and Switzerland. This is a real classic.

John is 82 today.

Happy birthday, John!