Ronela goes to Turin for Albania.

o, after a final that took three days which included a pointless “getting rid of three newcomers because we can” on night one and then, on night 2, they had duets with old Festivali acts for… reasons? – We finally got here to the final of Festival I Kenges 2021!

Scheduled for 181 minutes but taking far less longer than that, the final had a theme of Pop Art meets pop music, seemingly, with all the onomatopoeic WHAM and BOOM art that you associate with Roy Liechtenstein clashing violently in both colour and style with the seventeen acts that took to the stage.

Some of the performers seemed to lose their tuning on the way to the stage and the presenters lost their fashion sense at the same time.  What did happen, though, is a variety of things ranging from women sitting down on office chairs singing, to a long haired version of The Joker singing a song, to some of them actually being sung in English – well presumably it was English..

There was a jury of eight music professionals who decided the winner from the seventeen “acts” listed below.

Song Performer(s) Psn
Dua Olimpia Smajlaj
Pse nuk flet, mama Denis Skura
Meteor Kelly
Nën maskë Saimir Çili
Hijena Ester Zahiri
Kujë Kastro Zizo
Padrejtësi Urban Band
Në ëndërr mbete ti Gjergj Kaçinari
Më duaj Evi Reci
Për dreq Mirud
Triumfi i jetës Stefi & Endri Prifti
Sekret Ronela Hajati 1
Një Shega
Deluzional Janex
Theje Alban Ramosaj 2
Refuzoj Eldis Arrnjeti 3=
E jemja nuse Rezarta Smaja 3=


For the record, I got to song 5 before breaking out the Whisky because Ester sent me over the edge with her vocals!.

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