Georgia – underwhelmed

Circus Mircus from Georgia rehearsed their song Lock Me In
Circus Mircus - who says the sun not working is a problem?

The preview video to this song is the visual equivalent of having a sniff of the barmaid’s apron, as it were, in that it promised so much that even the hard old Eurovision fan I am got all excited about this mysterious group.

On stage, however, they seem to have turned down the mental to a more Eurovision-friendly level rather than turn it up to 11 which is what they should have done. It’s all neon colours and lots of camera cuts to the group playing the instruments, behind the masks, naturally, but there isn’t a lot of the old batshittery (and that is a word.. now) going on except for the blokey banging the big bass drum which reveals …something I can’t see cos the massive PROHIBITED TO FILM THE SCREEN sign is right slap bang over it – thanks EBU. I’m guessing some sort of toy copy of the band playing inside the box, as it were – or he has borrowed a Hurdy Gurdy from Sieneke …

It also takes a long time to get going from the start to the riff, so much so I actually asked myself if they had changed the song, knowing full well that they couldn’t!

It’s not as impactful as I expected, and I am a bit disappointed.