Glow in the dark Bulgaria

Poli Genova at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Bulgaria – I’m excited for this one. Poli on stage solo, extreme close-up to start with, pulling back to reveal her wearing some enormous epaulettes, a cloak and some shin and thigh bands shaped like chevrons. It’s very contemporary.

There’s a great sweeping effect on the backdrop with a design that looks like when your telly’s not tuned in properly wiping across the enormous screens and floor, which changes into video of dancers to help fill the stage. Poli does some Beyoncé-light dancing, with the camera pulling back to a very high shot of the stage as she sings the line ‘high above the ground’ before diving into the chorus. Towards the end those epaulettes, leg pads and even her matching earring light up (“when it’s dark we illuminate” – really should have seen that coming!). It’s more effective than when Electro Velvet did it, let’s just leave it at that. Finally, the hitherto hidden backing singers get a cameo with a strutting line formation onto the stage to join Poli for her big finish.

Hurrah! I love it! It could do with a little bit more energy but this is just rehearsal one (even though it feels like we’ve been here for weeks now…). If she brings this on the night she’ll be giving herself every opportunity to qualify and do well in the final. Ooh, I am pleased.

Monty x