Aussie rules means Eurovision national final

Australia 2019

It seems we’ve all decided to stop pretending Australia only gets to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest if the host broadcaster issues an invite. It’s turned into the next-door neighbour who turns up to your party regardless. Though to its credit, SBS plays a good game – even if until last year, the whole shebang was a showcase for Sony Music.

Despite a pair of decent opening scores, the law of diminishing returns has kicked in and 2019 sees a change in tactics. For the first time, Australian viewers get to have a say in who gets to grace the Eurovision stage (and leave the televoters of Europe baffled, harvesting hardly a point in the process).

SBS is to partner with production company Blink TV to host Eurovision – Australia Decides. The show will pick both artist and song for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The live show airs on SBS on Saturday, 9 February, hosted by Aussie commentators Myf Warhust and Joel Creasy.

Launch party

At a launch event at the Gold Coast, SBS called upon songwriters across Australia to submit an original composition as part of the selection process.

The song portal accepts submissions until Sunday, 4 November. There are no restrictions to the number of songs composers and songwriters can submit. Songs will be shortlisted later this year and paired with some of Australia’s most recognised artists. And let’s be honest, that probably means acts signed to Sony Music.

It will be up to the Australian public and a jury to decide which artist get to sing for Australia at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest.