Desire… Fire… Liar… Tryer… Deep-fat fryer…


Now you see, love, I’m not the only one that can rhyme fire with desire in about 95 different ways.

I also must remember that Kasia’s song is not called Fleshlight, which is somewhat worrying

Kasia comes on stage looking like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, and then the wind machine straightens her hair as she sings in that famed force-10 gale. It’s sadly low-budget ballad stuff that will have been done to death by the time it gets round to being heard.

Having looked at it twice again it really doesn’t have a stand out moment to encourage the casual televoter.

It’s lined up among a glut of songs that can go either way because ten have to qualify, and Kasia’s song is perfectly serviceable and pleasant. It’s just not memorable.

Video courtesy of esckaz:

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