This is something of a Greek tragedy

Demy at Eurovision 2017

Now my first review of this song back in the midst of time, didn’t go down well with some Greeks on a forum.
They ain’t gonna like this one either.

Demy is not going to win. She is not the best thing in this contest and – coming after Portugal, which is quite frankly class – ‘This is love’ gets shown up to be what it always was … a lightweight pop song performed by someone that can’t manage the high notes without help from the backing singers (who themselves sound to be having trouble). It all comes across as discordant and flat – particularly in the parts that are important to the flow of the song.

They are hiding the lack of talent well here by doing the old misdirection trick of topless men dancing on stage to move the focus away from Demy and onto what is going on around her. It’s been done to death as has this kind of song. Cascada couldn’t do it, and Demy certainly isn’t going to manage it.

And for all you Greeks that will be saying “you hate our country” … no, I’ve spotted someone who I consider to be a poor singer in this context. That’s it.

Video courtesy of esckaz:

And from the official site – it’s exclusive, they say – or rather they say EXCLUSIVE.