Eurovision Countdown 24 – Finland according to Mo

This guy really can’t sing. He’s struggling on the way too many high notes already – and I suspect this will mean a rearrangement to give him a better chance of actually sounding like he’s in tune.

‘No Rules’ is an energetic anthem aiming to capture the spirit of freedom and self-expression. An up-tempo chorus is likely to resonate with voters and I’d put money on memorable staging helping it stand out.

The YouTube viewer numbers indicate strong support, so this could defy my damning score and storm the board.

But, I’m here to share my opinion and being wrong doesn’t irk me one jot. I believe this song represents everything that’s bad about the move to a televote-only semifinal at  Eurovision.

A dreary, forgettable dirge resorting to repetition and being ‘crazy-stupid-mad’  in the forlorn hope of making the song stick.

Nul pointsI’m expecting a shambolic performance, masked by pyrotechnics and a lot of shouting. Awful. Just absolutely awful.


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