Are German TV Execs bored of Christmas already?

German eurovision hopefuls

Well if you remember, not so long ago, we published the long list of German candidates? No? – well you should refresh your memory then, otherwise the rest of this article is gonna make very little sense indeed!

As it’s still *officially* Christmas, I can only surmise that the execs at NDR have got sick of stollen and mince pies and Santa, because they have revealed the SIX candidates who are going to sing for their supper in Berlin on February 22nd. They would be :

  • Natia Todua (Current Voice of Germany)
  • Ivy Quainoo (Voice of Germany winner)
  • Michael Schulte (Participated in The Voice)
  • Xavier Darcy
  • Ryk (Former member of FOXOS)
  • voXXclub (Described as New Folkmusic…. whatever the hell that is!)

People say the UK relies on talent show rejects to fill their final but lookie here … there are at least three of the buggers in this list!

Thomas Schreiber (he of German Television, not of the kitchen manufacturer in the UK) told ESCDaily: “We will contact record labels, composers, the best of the best in our country to help us find songs for these six artists.

How very bland and nondescript, but he is stating facts, I suppose.

Chances are the “best of the best” might be busy though, so I suspect he’ll get their answerphones and actually end up with a bunch of songs that previously tucked away at the back of Sony Germany’s “Australia” drawer.  (cynical much!)