Is Remo blue? – Swiss speaks about everything.

Remo says he has been very busy on his trip and is one of the few that have said that they have done some sightseeing – it’s ” Super Brilliant” (god I hate phrases that start Super).

He is asked what languages he speaks, only German and English. Does he think he can beat the other contestants in a watergun fight?  He says yes, in fact he beat Rylan in a fight – admittedly that is not that hard.   He’s always been a Eurovision fan boy and the dream came strong for him to represent Switzerland.  He saw Marius Bear last year and decided to do it.

As a talent show alum, he says his experiences will help him no end at the contest because he is used to cameras and press and all of the trappings that go with it.  He says that his nerves are calmer now because of this and hopes that he should qualify – with the first goal getting to the final on Saturday and he is aiming for the Top 10.

Remo says the fan love was always going to be on another level and he agrees that everyone is so lovely and he was totally shocked by the level of support from the fans.  What essentials did he pack for Liverpool? – Apparently his lucky shiny grey pants and some medicine, clearly the lunch of champions!

Apparently Blue were Number One on the day he was born, but he has not listened to their Eurovision entry because he has a very bad memory – don’t we all, son!  Favourite entry? – Luca, of course and if asked who would win the contest, he says Switzerland – this lad has been media trained.

He likes GTA and Minecraft which is ironic as the song, as he says, is about a kid who grows up with a watergun and now is in a war.  It’s a very emotional song and Remo loves telling the story.    Would he come back? – Yes!