Noa Kirel speaks to Timur. Everything is great – seemingly.

Israeli singer Noa Kirel holds press conference in Tel Aviv on August 10, 2022. Krill will represent Israel in the upcoming Eurovision contest. Photo by Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** נוע קריל ארויזיון זמרת תרבות נועה קיריל

Noa comes to speak to Timur.

She’s great – the energy and the vibe are good, despite there not being any press there!  Ot’s hard, she says, but its so fun.  She is excited about the support she is getting in Israel and around Europe.

Timur mentions that Noa was a judge on Israel’s got talent, the youngest judge in the world.  She says she has seen so many talented people but one of them sticks out, a dance group.

She says that even when she was three she was following the camera with her eyes so is at ease with them.  Her favourite memory of this year’s Eurovision experience – She has so many because it has been a 10-11 month journey.  She’s gone through the gamet of emotions but to go onto stage and to feel the energy in Liverpool is what she is going to take away from this.

Has she seen Liverpool? – Nope, she has been working every day and has done rehearsals every day so she has not yet seen any EXCEPT a little bit of shopping!  Noa sais that she will feel sad if she doesn’t qualify but she believes that she can.  Her aim is to win the contest, because everyone does, the real win is what she is feeling about the love and the art of Eurovision. Someone has clearly been trained!

Her favourite song from last year’s contest? Slo mo, which was pointed out was two years ago, but no one cares about that right now.   Back to her song, she says that it took ” A while” to learn her dance moves because she wanted them to be perfect and she is still working on them to make it better and better.

Unicorn means, to Noa, uniqueness and who we are and our differences and if you have a dream, use your specialties and her 12 points goes to…. Norway… or Finland…. or UK…