Mauboy, Mauboy, you can call her Mauboy…..

Jessica Mauboy

Those of you who are traditionalists, like me, may want to look away  or recoil in horror, but that famous European country, Australia, has announced that its fourth representative will be…

Jessica Mauboy.

Yes, you heard right. In between wretching or shaking your fist violently at the screen because of Australia’s continued insistence that they are indeed of European stock, in the back of your mind, you might just remember Jessica Mauboy from the world’s favourite music contest.

That’s right – the 2014 introduction to Australia… you remember *now* don’t you?

Well, after peeling yourself off the ceiling and calming down with a camomile tea, I am duty bound to remind you that she was the runner-up in Australian Idol back in 2006 and is contracted with Sony Music Australia (that’s lucky considering they bankrolled every SBS entry to date). She’s released three studio albums, the last in 2013, but is currently singing the soundtrack album to a series on the Seven Network in Australia called “The Secret Daughter

Her current record-selling prowess isn’t all that good either, with only two charting records in the last two years, so Australia seems to be following a trend of sending has-beens to Eurovision. If you wish hard enough, there might be a decent song at the end of the rainbow.