Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 14/37 – Georgia

Imagine my disappointment when I realised this song was not this

Sam may be the Hero next door but what have we got here?  My first thought was “Albania have already had their go” and on first inspection, you can see why I said that.  It also seems that the reason that it is called Firefighter is that it rhymes with Fire rather than telling a story about being a heroine of anything coherent.  It is, when you boil it down, the kind of thing that Greece and Cyprus have been and still are putting in this contest.  A woman dressed in leather with some male dancers singing about saving her love.

It’s so predictable that it hurts but it’s a departure for Georgia, they normally send in something that only Georgian people would vote for.  This time they have gone all lowest common denominator on us in an attempt to get into the final.

4 Points Sadly, though, it’s just average and has been done to death in this contest.   At least they are listening to what is popular… to a degree.


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