Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 16/37 – Greece

People of a certain age will remember this

Where the lovely Judith Chalmers and Chris Kelly swan off across parts of the world that you can not afford to go to and tell you how nice it all is?  Now imagine that as an idea that some people who should know better came up with in a room in Thessaloniki or Piraeus late last year and set to musak.  That’s Greece’s entry in a nutshell.  It takes the travelogue concept just that one step too far and that’s before we start with the singing bit.

I say singing, I suspect Marina has never seen a note written down in her life cos she sings all of them and not in any semblance or order or structure either.  It starts in a key that is too high for her larynx or her talent and she then proceeds to reel off a selection of thoughts set to an equal number of musical themes intercut with “ TA TA TA” for reasons.  It’s like the songwriters were asked if they could knock something up in 24 minutes because ERT forgot everything they knew about this contest and wanted something quick.

Nul points

I couldn’t get to the end of the song, the first time that has happened this year, but I am reliably informed it gets no better. ERT clearly ordered this from Temu and expected it to be from Harrods.


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