Eurovision Countdown 24 – Poland according to Mo

This is my winner. I’m a sucker for three-songs-in-one-tune schtick.

Luna wastes no time – she gets in, does the job, has a bit of a chant and skips away. It’s upbeat and comes with a killer chorus.

The drop before the final chorus is magical, and it’s the sort of song I can see picking up votes from most every corner of our Eurovision world.

Judging by the video, the staging should be something worth watching out for – here’s plenty of potential for stilts and flowing ribbons. Wikipedia tells me she cites Bjork and Nick Cave as her influences.

I’m being honest with myself, the lyrics are terrible, but the sum is stronger than its parts.

12 PointsThe vocals and overly ambitious staging could be the thing that lets this down – because the song certainly isn’t at fault.


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