Running order for 2022 Eurovision released

The order in which each participating country will take to the 2022 Eurovision stage is now known. The Czech Republic will open tomorrow’s show. Estonia will bring things to a close.

"Sėdi ir važiuoji"Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys23510Q
"Žinau, tai tu"I.T.04411
"Midnight Train"Matt Len57124Q
"Song of Whispers"Melona00012
"Stay"Monika Linkytė108182Q
"Šaukt"The Pixls00014
"If You Ever Miss Me"Viktorija Faith00015
"New Start"Agnė010106Q
"Saw Your Ghost"Gebrasy6068Q
"Things"Voldemars Petersons00013
"Love of My Life"Petunija82105Q
"Like a Movie"Beatrich1212241Q
"Do What You Do"Mario Junes76133Q
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2 years ago

Not a fan of how many slow songs landed in the second half of the final. Will be difficult drunk watching 😉