Three names in the frame for Greek Eurovision job

Aeti Ketime 

Three acts will compete to sing for Greece at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Canny but skint broadcaster ERT challenged the nation’s record companies to put forward songs. They added in a clause that insists the record companies have to stump up for any travel, staging and hotel costs.

Last week, five names were listed by most fan sites, two mysteriously vanished – presumably after they discovered how much it was going to cost. ERT though has insisted they ‘disqualified’ songs by Duo Fina and Tony Vlahos for not being ‘Greek’ enough.

The three songs still under consideration came from a pool of just twenty submitted to an open call.

  •  Apo Tin Thraki Os tin Kriti – Chorostalites
  • Min Ksehnas tonIlio – Areti Ketime
  • To Oneiro Mou – Gianna Terzi

Early bets are on Areti Ketime, either way ERT has insisted on injecting some national flavour into the event.

12 points from Cyprus …