Three things that bother me with Israel

Imri Ziv feels alive at Eurovision 2017

IMRI still has not learned how to say the word “alive” towards the end of the song – pretty fundamental as it’s the title of the song, and all.

The high notes that he attempts at key moments, it has to be pointed out, are not there. In fact, they are a long way off. Autotune – even if it were allowed – would not help. In fact in the second and third run-through, IMRI and his team were howling notes rather than hitting them.

That choreography. It looks tired to my (tired) eyes.

Having said all of that, though, it’s still a darn sight better than at least eight songs, which means that it will more than likely qualify on the strength of the overall package: good looking lad and that high energy feel. However, unless he tightens up the above I think it’s heading for a mid to low finish.

Video courtesy of esckaz

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7 years ago

You know me, I have a long support for Israel but if he can’t get those damn notes and is out of tune, he can stay in the semi.

I can vote in this semi but I have 1 rule:Sing in tune or you don’t get my vote.

A question: Does he/the Israeli delegation know he is out of tune or do they go business as ususal?

7 years ago
Reply to  ShaiD.

And I think a lot of voters will agree with you ShaiD. They will have made up their minds who to vote for before IMRI takes to the stage, and he won’t change those minds. Not qualifying.

7 years ago
Reply to  Danny62

I disagree Danny62.

I don’t think those who vote are making their mind before(at least I don’t.I’m willing to give everyone a chance, even for songs I don’t like). People tend to vote for what they remember the most and at pimp slot, Israel should be memorable enough to qualify. However if the audience will hear him out of tune and not hitting the high note, they will punish him and yes, than Israel will not qualify.

He can get the high notes. I heard him in Amsterdam and he was just fine, The same apply for the video from Madrid party. Maybe that has to do with the fact he has to dance a sing at the same time, maybe he is trying too much(something I noticed when he was selected. He tends to press his voice a little too much and doesn’t know when to hold back).

What will happen?don’t know. I will just wait for reports for the jury rehearsal and judge for myself during the semi on Thursday.
If he is spot on tune, than he gets my vote. If not I’ll vote for those I like and are spot on vocally.