Eurovision touts ask £13,000 for tickets to grand final

Tickets for the three live shows that make up the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest sold out in minutes, with reports of the website being hard to reach and throwing up errors. Within minutes of the sale starting, one secondary ticket site was offering tickets for £13000.

Eurovision tickets
Standing tickets for £1300 each

This year has been one of the latest dates for ticket sale to start, with uncertainty around COVID casting doubt on how many people might be allowed into the Pala Olimpico stadium.

Organisers have warned repeatedly about only buying from the official site (or the resale site – opens for business from 14 April).

Within minutes of tickets selling out, Viagogo was offering two seats together for over £2000. Blocks of tickets for the standing area – only sold to official fan club members – were available for over £13,000. Several other secondary sites had tickets on sale at inflated prices this morning, though non came close to those on sale through Viagogo.

Computer says no

Those who stick to the official site Many reported reaching issues when they picked seats only to find TicketOne didn’t hold them and someone else claimed them before they could click through to payment. Some trying to book two seats next to each other were told to contact group bookings with a somewhat confusing message displayed: “The maximum number for the discount Full Price is 1 Ticket”.

Limited availability remains for the family shows and held tickets are occasionally appearing as the sale progresses. It’s possible the organisers will release a small number of extra seats nearer the event.