Kiev restricts Eurovision alcohol sales

Alcohol for sale in Kiev

If you feel like the only way to get through Eurovision is to pour a stiff drink, spare a thought for the OnEurope team who’ll be bringing you rehearsal news from Kiev.

The city council today confirmed they will limit the sale of alcohol to beer in plastic containers from 4 May until after the contest ends. The move compliments an existing ban on alcohol sales after 11pm at night.

The new restrictions apply to the streets around the International Exhibition Center and to an area near Khreshchatyk – known for the fortnight as ‘Euro-Town’. On 9, 11 and 13 May, this is where giant screens will broadcast the show along with warm-up concerts and events.

The news comes just days after the Head of Ukraine’s National Police announced that his force will work overtime to tighten city-wide security and prevent demonstrations that might disrupt Eurovision-based events.

10,000 police and military officers will work with emergency service teams to keep the city safe.

OnEurope kicks off its rehearsal blog on Sunday, 30 April and we’ll be telling it as we see it each day leading up to 13 May. Join us and contradict every word. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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