Slava Ukraini – Eurovision 2022 win for Ukraine

Press Conference Ukraine
Press Conference Ukraine
You already know this and I’m just taking care of the housekeeping really, so here is the result of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

In the coming days, we’ll bring you buckets more analysis, an explanation of why your favourite didn’t win Eurovision, viewing figures and the various other fall-out stories from last night.

Thanks again for your support through the season – we never forget you have a choice!

April Ivy"Modo voo"Mariana Gonçalves, João Maia Ferreira, Francisco Santos, Manuel Morgado, Ricardo Moreira, Matheus Paraízo, Francisco AndradeInvited by RTP
Bandua"Bandeiras"Bernardo Adário, Edgar ValenteInvited by RTP
Bárbara Tinoco"Goodnight"Bárbara Tinoco, Mateus SeabraInvited by RTP
Bolha"Sonhos de liberdade"Jacinta, Joana GilInvited by RTP
Churky"Encruzilhada"ChurkyInvited by RTP
Cláudia Pascoal"Nasci Maria"Cláudia PascoalInvited by RTP
Dapunksportif"World Needs Therapy"João Guincho, Paulo FrancoInvited by RTP
Edmundo Inácio"A festa"Edmundo InácioOpen call winner
Esse Povo"Sapatos de cimento"Quim AlbergariaInvited by RTP
Inês Apenas"Fim do mundo"Inês ApenasOpen call winner
Ivandro"Povo"IvandroInvited by RTP
Lara Li"Funâmbula"André HenriquesInvited by RTP
Mimicat"Ai coração"Marisa Mena, Luís PereiraOpen call winner
Moyah"Too Much Sauce"MoYah, Kensaye, Miguel GutierrezOpen call winner
Neon Soho"Endless World"Neon SohoInvited by RTP
SAL"Viver"Sérgio Pires, SALInvited by RTP
Teresinha Landeiro"Enquanto é tempo"Pedro de Castro, Teresinha LandeiroInvited by RTP
The Happy Mess"O impossível"João Pascoal, Afonso Carvalho, Miguel Ribeiro, Paulo Mouta Pereira, Bruno Vieira AmaralInvited by RTP
Voodoo Marmalade"Tormento"Voodoo MarmaladeOpen call winner
You Can't Win, Charlie Brown"Contraste mudo"Afonso Cabral, David Santos, João Gil, Pedro Branco, Salvador Menezes, Tomás SousaInvited by RTP
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2 years ago

Thanks for you and your team’s amazing work, as always