Vidbir 2018 – Ukraine sends Melatonin? – no. Melovin


Well it wasn’t like anyone could see this coming – the favourite all along has obliged in Ukraine with Mélovin winning the televote by quite some way – they picked up around 61,000 votes, with nearest competition Kadnay scoring around 33,000.

Isn’t the maxim not to walk under ladders, ‘cos its’ bad luck? In case you’re not sure which one Mélovin was, he’s the one with the weird eye – it’s his trademark.

Anyone who witnessed the shambolic organisation of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest would be un-phased by the levels of amateurism on show last night. Tayanna was accused of using playback, Verka Serduchka creator Andriy Danylko got into a fight with a member of the audience and Mélovin’s fans sent death threats to jury member (and former winner) Jamala.

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Total Psn
Beat of the universe Kadnay 3 5 8 3
Lelya Tayanna 6 4 10 2
Heroes The Erised 2 1 3 6
Waiting Laud 4 2 6 4
Forest song Vilna 1 3 4 5
Under the ladder Mélovin 5 6 11 1


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