What the online world thinks – Day one at Eurovision

With the first rehearsals for Eurovision 2022 underway, we take a look at some of the early online reaction.

Måneskin, Italy, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021 — EBU / Andres Putting

First up, news that Måneskin won’t perform in Turin was met with disappointment. The band are working on a new album and are booked to appear on the US Billboard awards show the day after the final. The group tried to spin their appearing live via a satellite link from LA as something positive. Few were having that.

Eurovision snub for Jamala?

JamalaAnother cry that went out was ‘Where is Jamala?’. The Ukrainian winner was perhaps expected to put in an appearance. When asked in a Dutch TV interview if she was invited to perform in Turin, she replied that she hadn’t been asked and that she was surprised. She added that if she had been asked she would have loved to do it.

News that the Eurovision stage is already struggling with technical issues also upset many. Though not quite as much as the slow uploads to (new sponsor) TikTok. After locking the press and fan media out of the Albanian run-through, Eurovision promised exclusive content online. Almost three hours since rehearsals kicked off, tumbleweed was rolling across the official account – meanwhile on the official website, everything was ‘amazing’ and fabulous.

More later …

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