Will the real Georgia please stand up?

Circus Mircus at Eurovision
Just one of the many Circus Mircus faces on show at Eurovision in Turin today

Circus Mircus came to their press conference wearing masks – of course, why wouldn’t they!

They opened by saying how much they enjoyed their first Turin rehearsal – much more than they had expected to!

Musical influences were (obviously_ discussed and they talked about Zlad – whoever he might be – and metal music from bands such as Behemoth. King Crimson was cited as an influence when writing their Eurovision song. They chose to come to Eurovision because it was a great way to share their beliefs and to reach as many followers as possible and they are well on their way to picking up their millionth follower online.

Identity and ego

Circus Mircus from Georgia rehearsed their song Lock Me In for the first time at the PalaOlimpico in Turin.
Circus Mircus from Georgia rehearsed their song Lock Me In for the first time at the PalaOlimpico in Turin.

Things turned deep when discussion centered on the overrated concepts of identity and ego – the band explained this is why they are wearing masks: identity doesn’t matter. They expanded on this explaining how they refuse to be governed by the cult of personality, pointing out that many different people should take credit for creative work, rather than single minds. Then, because things were getting dark, they spontaneously decided to play their instruments, including a Uke and a keyboard guitar (Not a Bontempi mouth guitar like Mr Phil had at age 8) and sing a song seemingly entitled: ”I wanna make it with you”.

They said they too enjoyed the Pre-Parties, since it was a chance to meet some of the other bands taking part. They have met Subwoolfer and noted they were first with the masks! Moving to the circus theme, they are totally against animals being used in any circus (not a surprise really).

Circus talk

They were very non committal to if there would be a full scale circus-style performance on stage, but they let us into a secret – there will be a “surprise” (so … chances are no, then). They got a bit of a cob on when someone asked why they changed their style for Eurovision, sulking an answer about how it would be boring if they always played the same sort of thing.

Of course they got asked the standard 2022 question about pre-performance rituals – they said they do push-ups – well who wouldn’t?

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