Armenia #BeardEnvy


Armenia now, and the outright winner were this the Eurovision Beard Contest. Unfortunately, it’s not, and the Contest he’s in seems, sadly, beyond his grasp. I love this song; it’s moody and dramatic, and Sevak looks, well, smouldering. He lurks in the middle of a circle of standing stones, of greater height at the back and lower at the front. He’s wearing what looks like a cross between a dark grey dressing gown and a candlewick bedspread. We’re led to believe there are five backing vocalists, but there’s no sign of then on stage with him.

Much as I like this, there’s not a great deal of impact, if I’m honest. Maybe It doesn’t need it; maybe it’s just enough to come on, stand there, and sing a good song well? If that is to be rewarded, then perhaps it will make up for his lack of reward for that gorgeous beard.

At the moment, though, I don’t know whether he’ll have enough support. I do hope he makes it though; we need that beard to adorn our Saturday night’s telly.

Did I mention his lovely beard?


Monty x

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