Tix – don’t be perfect, be unique

TIX in Rotterdam for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest
TIX in Rotterdam for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

TIX is in Rotterdam and hoping to score big for Norway when he performs in the first semifinal on Tuesday next week.

He’s one of the few performers this year who wrote and produced his own song.

“It was insane getting it ready (for the Norwegian national final), I was alone at Christmas and New Year trying to get things as perfect as I’d imagined … and I know it’s not perfect, but it had to be how I imagined it. Coming here and meeting all the delegations, it’s strange to see how most of them have big teams of producers and songwriters and I’m just so honoured to meet all of them.”

Nobody’s perfect

Just a few weeks ago, he released a new video for ‘Fallen Angel’ which told his story.

“I want everyone to take their own story from the song. It’s written to make most people relate. Especially those in need of motivation, or light in the darkness.”

Asked about the message he wanted to send, he became emotional. “It’s a good thing I have dark glasses on,” he grinned. “You can’t see me crying.”

“What I wanted to say is you can reach your dreams and goals. There’s an old saying in Norwegian, and translated it says ‘whatever you’re going through will either be OK or go away’. I really hope I can inspire people with my story, especially the fact I turned my biggest weakness into my greatest strength. I really want people to understand how the fact we’re not perfect makes us so valuable.”

He thought for a minute, then hit on an idea.

“OK, let’s do Philosophy 101 with TIX. Everything that we do gets measured and compared. We have to follow ideals to be considered perfect. And that means being perfect isn’t unique. And we all know that something that’s unique is far more valuable than something that’s perfect. A bit like Febas in the Pokeman cards.” He laughs again. “There you go, you start with philosophy and TIX brings it all down to Pokeman.”


The Rotterdam experience has been positive, but how is he finding time to relax?

“I’m working my ass off to be honest. Working from the minute I wake until the minute I fall asleep. Yesterday, I feel asleep in our meeting room in the hotel, and it’s because I get so many messages from people who hear my message and my story and they relate. I know I can’t answer everyone, but it’s important to make sure I read them all. When I reflect on what they’re saying, it helps me get a sense of how people are doing, especially right now with Corona going on.”

And on the romance with Efendi.

“We’re not met,” he says, blushing, and insists we change the subject.

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