Moldova – Sky fits heaven

Anna Odobescu at the second rehearsal for Eurovision 2019

Having put all their money into the sand/snow art, means Moldova have to rely on long shots. At the first rehearsal, many assumed the single camera approach would change. It didn’t and for the first half of the song, Anna became a tiny lost figure (with a great voice) wandering across the stage.

Once again the back projection was out of sync and (proving a Press Centre theory that the backdrop was pre-recorded) artist Kseniya Simonova proved to be money well spent when her hands continued to do their work even though she’d left her station.

There was much faffing between the first and second run-through meaning Anna didn’t get to do a third rehearsal.

I’m fairly sure people don’t vote for a background. It will surely earn Anna a few extra votes, but the song itself isn’t strong enough.

Qualifying? No

Now I can’t be totally sure of this, but it looks from the viewing screens at least that there’s something totally different on the big screen to the actual sand desk. Let’s be generous and assume that this is just operational for rehearsals, eh.EUROVISION APOCALYPSE