Sweden – Sooner or later

Earlier in the day, we were told Sweden and Austria would switch places. This wasn’t the case and John’s massive pair of hair straighteners appeared on the stage.

There’s very little to say here, it’s completely professional and polished – and so was it ever!

We got three run-throughs, all incredibly tight. The Swedes tried out a coupe, of different set-ups to work out what might come across best. They’re taking this incredibly seriously. they’re perfectionists.

The song itself is solid, if unexciting, and (for me) it came across as incredibly clinical. The warmth they clearly wanted to transmit didn’t come through the screen. That said, on a Saturday evening, it’s likely to work. And that’s where you’ll see this. There’s no way it’s not going through.

Qualifying? Yes

Solid as a rock. Whoever wins has got to beat this one, and if the other contenders are nicking points from each other this could nip through the middle. His smile alone is points in the bank! EUROVISION APOCALYPSE