14 February – I just don’t care

There are songs that come along once in a while that seem OK at the time. Then several years later, I hear it for the first time in ages and wonder why. That’s right, it’s one of those forgotten songs.

Back in the decade the trendy call the ‘noughties’, there were a series of songs from one country that all seemed to run into each other. Like this one from today’s birthday girl Ю́лия Станисла́вовна Са́вичева/Yulia Stanislavovna Savicheva. Her gimmick seemed to be the four well-built dancers in various colours. Her unintended gimmick was her slight tantrum right at the end of the song. Go on, if you can watch this all the way through, you’ll see it.

Yulia is 31 today.

С днем рождения, Юлия!