10 September – A prayer of love, hoping in miracles

Today is another in our occasional series of countries we wish were back in our favourite TV show. They may have legitimate reasons for not being there anymore, but it doesn’t stop us wanting them back.

Our friends in Slovakia took part eight times. One of those was in the glorious pre-selection in Ljubljana, in which they finished fourth. Today’s birthday girl Katarína Hasprová was the last Slovak to take part in a Saturday night show, so she may be waiting for someone, someday, to succeed her in this regard. Her song in sunny Birmingham did lead the voting for a few seconds – she scored eight points off the very first set of votes. And then what else did she score? Nothing? How dare you Europe & co for leaving this song out of your top 10s. However, she still didn’t finish last, so there’s something to be grateful for. Slovakia, we miss you.

Katarína is 48 today.

Všetko najlepšie, Katarína!