OnEurope’s Reviewcast for 2001 – Part one is live… ish

Mr Phil has been slaving away, so you don’t have to, in order to get 2001 out of the way before the turn of the year…

Eurofans trolling HRT and more Mr Phil especially him? – If you know, you know!

Think you know this contest? – You probably do, but listen anyway why dont you!

Note – Mild Swearing and hideous singing is contained within this podcast.

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1 year ago

What I remember from this contest is a big stadium, which looked very empty and which had no atmosphere in it.

The other thing is having one of the worst winners ever,which no one can remember how the song goes

1 year ago

Id forgotten how bad the first half of 2001 is. Awful.
At least the 2nd is much better