Bank Holiday Vault Special!!

Well it’s a bank holiday in the UK and, until September 1st, The UK is all that matters!!

So in recognition of the new World Heptathlon champion  being from Belgium (yeah, that seems a legit reason Phil…), we’ve decided, and by “we” I mean Nick decided, to dedicate a special vault to all things Belgian-weather-related!

Apparently, the Belgians are even moar obsessed with the weather than the Brits and – even scarier – they do it though the medium of the Eurovision!

Take, for example, the above “classic” from Eurosong 99 – the keen eyed amongst you will notice it’s not a live video but a rather camp imitation ( especially by the boy!) – In public no less – have the Belgians no shame?

I’m sure Alana Dante loved this version!

From sun, to something somewhat more breezy.  Ingeborg decided to sing a song about walking on through a storm.  Has she seen Carousel? Clearly the jurors had… 19th place…

Staying with wind as a theme, back to Eurosong 99 now where not content with a song about sunsand, they had a song about the shipping forecast!

“The wind has blown for Eternity… Never giving back…. never giving in…” – North Utsire, Viking, Forties, North East 6 veering North 7 later, Light rain, Good.  

But when the rain clears and the wind stops ……

But someone’s not been following the Shipping Forecast…

I told you before Laura.  1017 Millibars!!!