Phil’s Eurovision countdown 2021 – Part 21 of 39 – Latvia

Samanta Tina

Latvia has not been very good at this contest for a while now.  I mean every so often they remember what its all about and, in that vain, you’d have expected Aminata to remember what she had to do when she was in the contest.  But that seems to have gone right down the toilet when she came to write this song!

It’s almost as though she had a blow to her head and it became ‘opposite day’, because this is exactly NOT what Europe wants to see.

Serial national final loser in two countries, Samanta Tina may share her birthday with me, but I think I have the edge on the vocal talent stakes and that’s a title I’m ready to accept.

It’s yet another song with a female empowerment vibe but this one shouts GIRL POWER at you in many ways, from the all-female video to the lyrics and even the title to the fact she is the “Queen” (or is it spelled Kween?) and crowns herself with a pathetic hand gesture. If you’re going to slap Europe around the face you’ve got to be stronger and have more ideas than a very generic repetitive lyric shouted at me for a very long three minutes. You often have a better impact when you are either subtle or good … and this is neither.  

Phil’s Score – 2/10

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2 years ago

I think she is coming from a point where she wants to prove how unique and special she is. While the song just does this, she forgot she need an accessible song. This is not such a song. In fact it is a song which push the viewer away instead of inviting him to get closer.

And did Aminata write this song?- than it’s a double disappointment.